Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Hazel Hill Farm +


Testimonals Loyall Pet Food“My dogs are my working partners and constant companions. They are indispensable at home and we also compete in sheepdog trials.

I have been feeding Loyal ( Puppy, Active & Performance) for a couple of years and am thrilled with the results.

Energy, stamina, strong muscles and beautiful coats and most of all Happy Dogs”

In conclusion, the Loyall® brand of products is an excellent choice for the consumer who wishes to provide his animal with a good quality feed at a very competitive price. Thank you, Loyall®, for taking the wellbeing of our dogs to heart!

Stacey Beatty
Hazel Hill Farm

Sharpe Farm Supplies Ltd. +


What we have to say about Loyall!

“My dog has been eating Loyall now for two months, and he loves it.  I personally like the small manageable size of the bag, and the idea of being able to re-close it!” – Jenn
“Since I’ve been feeding Loyall Active Adult, she has been drinking a lot less water, and has much fewer stools.” – Mary Ann
“At first I was skeptical.  Opticook, what is that?  Then I heard everyone in the office was feeding it, so I thought I should try it.  My two dogs have been on it for a few months now and love it.  They can be picky eaters with sensitive stomachs, but glad to see we have had no issues with Loyall Active.” – Paul
Since switching to Loyall, my 3 year old yellow lab is eating less food while maintaining his weight.  The volume of stool is reduced and consistent, which had never been achieved on several other brands of dog food.” - Emma

Le Coureur des Bois Kennel +


Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodIn 1996, we purchased our first English Springer Spaniel. Three years later, we live in our small farm house and have a second English Springer to start our breeding operation. But, before putting our dogs up for sale, we make them champions. Our dogs are very cooperative and easy to train. Good tempered and in good health, they are perfect as hunting or work dogs. They are also excellent family dogs as they are very good with children.

The Le Coureur des Bois Kennel is keen on offering its dogs a feed of good quality. Among the many brands on the market, we chose the Loyall® brand for its goodness. Loyall® is manufactured in Canada by Agribrands Purina® Canada Inc. The Loyall® feed is balanced, facilitates digestion and gives the dogs a silky coat.

Loyall® provides several categories of mash adapted to the type of activity and the animal’s age. Among the various formulas available are:

  • Junior
  • Athlete
  • Adult
  • Pro
  • Senior

In conclusion, the Loyall® brand of products is an excellent choice for the consumer who wishes to provide his animal with a good quality feed at a very competitive price. Thank you, Loyall®, for taking the wellbeing of our dogs to heart!

Chenil Le Coureur des Bois Kennel
Nicole Bourget and Mario Gagnon
1080 Route 269 Nord, St-Gilles de Lotbinière, Québec

Always the first choice for English Springer Spaniels in Quebec

Annie Mathieu +


Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodI have been a breeder for the past three years. I feed my pets the Loyall® brand since it was introduced on the market in March 2009.

The females receive Junior from seven days before siring up to eight weeks after parturition. During this period, we pay particular attention to lactation. Furthermore, aside from feeding three times a day from the first to the eighth week, we add a portion of hot water from the third to the sixth week. This serves to enhance the strength of Loyall® -- namely its palatability and digestibility, and stimulates the consumption by both females and puppies. The females, with excellent consumption and digestion, produce a lot of milk and can still give plenty of milk at four weeks, allowing weaning a puppy in excellent condition. Simply softening the meal stimulates the puppy to consume at the age of three weeks. The female can maintain its flesh in excellent form thus enhancing its exceptional reproductive capabilities.

I am very pleased with the Loyall® brand. Over and above its strengths of palatability and digestibility, its quality-cost ratio is incomparable, and when we add to that the advantages of the breeder program, the Loyall® brand is simply the one and only choice! 

Annie Mathieu 

E-mail: anniemat@msn.com

Shadowpoint Weimaraners +


We have switched all of our Weimaraners to Loyall® about 3 years ago. This was after using a leading brand for several years.  Since our dogs are hunting and field testing all the time they have lots of energy and stamina.  They also require a smaller amount of food to get them through the day and of course there is less fecal matter (poop) to clean up.

When breeding we switch the dames to Loyall® Junior and they thrive during their whelping.  The puppies have already started Loyall® from birth and the change to solid food is easy.  When the puppies leave us we include a small bag of Loyall® Junior food and recommend keeping their dogs on Loyall®.  We include the closest location for the owners to purchase Loyall®.  After people meet our dogs they are very impressed with the shine of their coats and their energy.  We use Loyall® Pro and find it meets all our requirements.

Bert McLeod, breeder, owner and trainer of the first Canadian bred Weimaraner to go to the North American Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) invitational, which is a field test for the top 5% of hunting dogs in North America.
In 2009 & 2010 Shadowpoint received 2 Breeders Awards for field work.

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Bert McLeod
London  On  N5Y 4B9
Phone:  519-439-6990


Pointblank Dogs +


Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodWe have had sporting dogs for 30 years, trained sporting dogs for over 20 years and have bred sporting dogs for over 10 years. Here at Pointblank, we breed, raise and train Vizslas and German Shorthaired Pointers. We have been feeding our pregnant females and puppies the Loyall® brand since Spring 2009 when it first became available. We have had healthy, well-conditioned moms and healthy, vigorous, active puppies with litter sizes up to 11 puppies.

Our females have produced plenty of milk and kept weight on throughout the whelping and rearing process. Our puppies begin eating the kibble at three weeks of age. The kibble is softened in warm water. At five weeks of age, our puppies are weaned and eat only the kibble. We have found that our dogs have lots of energy, shiny coats, firm stools, grow well, and really enjoy eating the Loyall® brand. We are very pleased with the Loyall® brand of foods' palatability, digestibility, nutrients and its cost.  

Our dogs love it!

Pointblank Dogs
Liz Outram and Kris Cox

E-mail: liz@pointblankdogs.com



Katy Gemmell +


I knew about the Loyall® Dog food before I got my puppy «Lexi» about 3 years ago.  When I got her, she was 7 weeks old and had a rather dull coat.

I wanted to feed her something that was going to be the best for the start of a long healthy life.

I introduced her to Loyall® Junior and before long she was growing strong.  At a year old, I changed her over to Loyall® Athlete, as she is a very energetic Australian Shepherd and I have never looked back.

I would never change her off this dog food, she is very healthy, has a beautiful hair coat and loves the food.  I often get comments on how nice she looks.

Last year, we had a new member join our family.  I found an injured, sick kitten on the road in the middle of winter.  I was not even sure «OLI» was going to make it.

I started feeding him Loyall® Cat & Kitten and even though he had a rough start in life, he has blossomed into a beautiful handsome Cat!

I love my Loyall® pet food and I believe in the quality it brings for my animals!

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Katy Gemmell
Ontario, Canada

SOPHIE - Chocolate lab Born April 25, 2009 +


Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodAfter having to euthanize our family pet, also a chocolate lab, in April 2008, I was totally devastated and against ever purchasing another pet.  She had grown up with our family since she was a puppy and for 13 years had protected and loved us.  It left a huge hole in our hearts ....

My daughter, who was in her early twenties and working 2-3 jobs plus completing her post-secondary education was determined that «she» was getting a dog.  I resisted but in 2009 one evening she informed me she was going to get her puppy.  I didn’t know how she would have time to look after a dog, much less a puppy and knew that I would be the main caregiver.  I was not sure I was ready for this ....

So one evening we drove to a farm near Palmerston to look at a potential new family member, another lab.  «Sophie» has since stolen our hearts and I am amazed at what a high energy, obedient dog she is.  She has been on the Loyall® brand dog food since we picked her up and everyone comments on her condition and how soft her fur is.

She has thrived on this food.  Her weight seems to be maintained fairly easily and she continues her energetic, mischievous ways to this very day.  Her stools are firm and easily picked up when on walks in the city.  Unlike our other chocolate lab she does not gulp her food and in a very lady like manner slowly eats a few of the kibbles at a time from the dish until it is gone.

Sophie has since moved out with my daughter and she is now officially my grand-dog but still visits at least one time per week for walks and any other mischief we can get into.

She truly depicts what a healthy, happy Loyall® dog is ...

Sally Bradley
Woodstock, Ontario



Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodBella was born in April 2011 as a part of a barn litter.

When I brought her home as a kitten, she immediately went on Loyall Cat. With a little wetting, the Loyall Cat made a great soft food that made it easy for Bella to eat.

Bella is doing fantastic on Loyall Cat. She loves the food and is growing into an energetic healthy, large girl! She will continue to stay on the Loyall diet into adulthood.

Mieke Spruit, Owner
Ontario, Canada



Testimonals Loyall Pet FoodI adopted Rose and Lilly from the Humane Society in September of 2009.

They were underweight, behind in their development, and very quiet. As soon as they came home, they were put onto Loyall Cat.
Within a few days of them being on the new food, I noticed that the amount of stool in their litterbox had decreased significantly, as had the odour! Within a few weeks, changes could be seen in their coats and in their general attitude and playfullness.

When my vet saw them 3 months later, she was very impressed with the progress they had made. They had both grown considerably, put on much needed weight, and had long, healthy coats!

They have continued onto Loyall in adulthood, and are doing great!

Steph Kneeshaw, Owner
Ontario, Canada



Jake is our 11 year old cat and has been a part of our family since he was a kitten.

For years I tried feeding Jake various premium pet foods but he rarely showed an interest in these brands and often turned away from his dish.

Concerned for his health and well being, I discovered Loyall® and now Jake is thriving! His coat and body condition are exceptional and with his energy, he easily passes for half his age.

Another bonus is that his stool produces much less odour, I’m assuming due to less fish and the inclusion of Yucca in the formulation.

Jake loves Loyall® and I know your cat will too!

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Karen Johnston
Stratford, Ontario



At Home Farm Kennels, we have been breeding Golden Retrievers for the past 3 years.  We are currently expanding and opening a boarding kennel here on our farm.

When Loyall® was introduced to us it did not take long to determine the high palatability and quality of the Loyall® brand.  The Goldens have shown a noticeably shinier, softer coat, and improved digestion.  Our dogs love it and so do the cats!

We have now introduced the Junior line to our pregnant females, and are looking forward to seeing the results of feeding this high quality brand to our puppies this spring.  With large litter sizes we require a top grade dog food to sustain our lactating mom and her puppies.

Each puppy will be weaned on Loyall® and sent home with the Loyall® puppy kit.  It is comparable in cost to other high quality dog foods and the breeder program has proven to be beneficial for us.

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Home Farm Kennels
35655 Hutchinson Rd.
Parkhill, Ontario

email:  mclinchey@bell.net



Abilene, is our rescue dog.  We found her on a website in Michigan specializing in Blue Heelers.  When we saw the video of her playing and having fun with the other Heelers we fell in love and brought her home.

Abilene had been well cared for during her rescue but she was very underweight.  She had been a picky eater and an extremely active little lady so what we feed her has to have a large nutritional impact.  We fed the brand recommended by AuCaDo Rescue for a few months, free choice, but while remaining active she still didn’t gain any weight.

A year ago we tried Loyall® for athlete dogs, carried by our horse feed supplier, and are extremely happy with the results.  Abilene is no longer a picky eater and she attained her proper weight in a few months.  She keeps our horses in line at the barn and still loves to cuddle on the couch!  I recommend Loyall® Brand pet food for those wishing to feed a well-balanced product that won’t break the bank.

Jane & Lee Foster
Meaford, Ontario

Shadow - The Bridge Country Feeds Cat! +


Shadow, the Bridge Country Feeds Cat, started indulging in "Loyall® Cat Food" samples after we started stocking the Loyall® line in our store.  Shadow, now 3 years old took the cat kibble as if it were a treat at first.  Looking like cheerios she saved a few just to make sure she had some for later on.

As the weeks went on, Shadow would arrive at work for a long day of sleeping but before she did anything, her routine check consists of checking the dish for those Loyall® Cheerios.  If the bowl needed a refill, she would tell us by rubbing up against our legs and swiping her tail against us while also including the odd meow.  She would then devour the bowl once a good portion was poured in.

Her stool has very little odor and being a long haired Himalayan she has fewer hairballs.

Shadow is a Loyall® Kitty!

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Lisa Bridge
Listowel, Ontario



At TEGS Chihuahuas, we are small exhibitor/breeder of short and long coat Chihuahuas, striving to help improve the breed.  My wife and I handle our own dogs in the ring and house.  Our daughter also shows the Chihuahuas in Jr. handling classes.  Our dogs live with us in the house and are part of our family.  We breed for our next generations of show dogs.  Occasionally, we will have puppies and adults available for show or pet.


Since January of 2011, we have been using Loyall® Premium dog food.  We use Loyall® Adult and Junior.

We noticed the following since switching from another premium dog food to Loyall®:

  • Stool quality has improved;
  • For the first time, the kibble is accepted by ALL our dogs;
  • Coats are very nice;

The Loyall® puppy kit is a nice addition to our own kits and is appreciated by our customers.

We would not hesitate to recommend Loyall® Premium Dog Food to anyone looking for a great, extremely palatable dog food at a reasonable price.

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Gerry & Tammy Desjardins
TEGS Chihuahuas
Summerstown, Ontario



On behalf of the Ontario Grand River (OGR) Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), I would like to thank you for your generous donations to our fundraising efforts.

Each year NAVHDA continues to advance its goals of:

  • fostering, promoting, and improving the versatile hunting dog breeds in North America;
  • conserving game by using well trained reliable hunting dogs before and after the shot; and
  • aiding in the prevention of cruelty to animals by discouraging non selective and uncontrolled breeding, which produces unwanted and uncared for dogs.

At both our spring test in May and the fall test in September, the 15 kg bags were a highly valued item in our raffles and each handler received a bag with Loyall samples, a coupon and a promotional item.  As a volunteer organization, we are reliant on the support of our community and your consistent donations have been a worthwhile contribution.

Once again, thank you, as your commitment to supporting our Chapter is genuinely appreciated.

Cara Wehkamp
President, Grand River Chapter



Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

Dear Loyall,
I have a retired hunting dog.  I started feeding Jedi with Loyall Senior 1 year ago.   Since then, he does not  turn  away of his dish. Thanks Loyall
SHELLY BETTS - Dalkeith, Ontario
I own a cat named George (2 years old).  Since I started feeding Loyall® Cat & Kitten food, my cat has a much nicer coat.  I feed my dog (6 years old) Rocky (cross between Shit-Zu & Poddle) Loyall® Adult.  Rocky is always looking forward to feeding time.  He is very healthy.
MICHELLE KENNEDY - Dalkeith, Ontario
Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

I have a 11 years old Lab mix.  Bear (dog) has been suffering from joint problems for the past two years.  I started feeding Bear with Loyall Senior for the past 6 months.  I have noticed that he is not in as much chronic pain.  I believe it is due to the excellent nutrition in the Loyall Senior.  I’m certain that the glucosamine in this diet plays a big role in his better quality of life. The Loyall Senior dog food keeps him energized in the cold winter months.
Best regards,
RALPH DEWAR  -  Dalkeith, Ontario

I started feeding my Border Collie Willie with Loyall Active 8 months ago.  Prior to feeding Loyall® Athlete, Willie always seem to be lacking something in his nutrition.  Since, I started with Loyall Athlete, Willie is full of energy.    Thanks Loyall!
RACHELLE ANDERSON  -  Dalkeith, Ontario

I started feeding my cats with Loyall®. They used to eat Medical.  Loyall is much more affordable and they seem to do very well on it!
MAGGIE BRUNET  -  Dalkeith, Ontario

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food

I have been a customer since February 2012.  My dogs and cats appreciate the food.  I have great service.  I have 5 dogs and 9 cats.
ROSE-MARIE DELEY -  Dalkeith, Ontario
Dear Loyall,  I became a Loyall Dealer in September 2011.  Ever since that day I have been feeding Loyall Senior to my 15 years old Brittany Spaniel and 10 years old Pug Pekinese.  I have noticed major changes in my 15 years old Brittany.  He is much more agile and it seems like he does not turn away from his food anymore.  Thank you Loyall!
JENNIFER DEWAR-MASSIE -  Dalkeith, Ontario



We, at Waypoint Weimaraners, are extremely happy with the results of feeding Loyall® Dog Food.

This is the ONLY food our titled CH Shadowpoint’s The Citori’s Gone UT Prize III, NA Prize I, FD, FDJ, NRD has ever been fed.

We are always complimented on the shine and luster of her coat and the ability for her to quickly heal after training injuries. She shows great stamina and endurance in both water and the field.

There are lots of good ingredients in many dog foods available but we suspect that the "Opti-Cook®" method has something to do with the overall health of our dogs.  

Our Waypoint pups will always go home with a bag of Loyall® so they too can continue to thrive on this balanced food.
Thanks for the hats John Dean, we wear them all the time.

Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food Testimonals Loyall Pet Food
Fred Staub & Sue Rueger
Waypoint Weimaraners



August 8, 2013

To the Loyall Dog Food Company.

On behalf of the London Canine Association I am thanking you for Loyall's support of our dog shows on July 12, 13 and 14 2013 at the Tillsonburg Special Events Centre in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

Your support of Conformation and Obedience major wins with bags of your dog food was much appreciated.  The cash prizes offered to winners in the Best Bred by Exhibitor classes on 13th were gratefully accepted and were an incentive to breeders to enter that class and showcase their best dogs.

John Dean, as your representative, was a constant presence in the showing area and a pleasure to work with.
Diane Waters.
(London Canine Association Show Chairperson)